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Life Insurance

Taking out a life insurance policy in favour of the Foch Foundation is a simple, quick and easy way to contribute to funding our work at the Foch Hospital.

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Life insurance contract

Life insurance is a savings contract taken out with a bank or insurance company to generate, grow and move capital while being tax-efficient. It allows you to distribute your capital among one or more beneficiaries, either equally or in different proportions. It is a means of passing on your assets when you die, while still having free access to your savings while you are alive.

Life insurance in favour of the Foch Foundation

Life insurance is an effective tool for both saving and being generous. By designating the Foch Foundation as the beneficiary of all or part of your contract, you are contributing to the excellent work carried out by the Foch Hospital.

If you wish to take out a life insurance policy in favour of the Foch Foundation:

  • Ask your bank for advice.
  • Contact the Foch Foundation to meet the person in charge of inheritance and to discuss your intentions.
  • Once you have made your decision, fill in the beneficiary clause of the contract, clearly stating the exact names and addresses of the beneficiary(ies) and their respective shares.

What is a beneficiary clause?

The beneficiary clause designates the beneficiary(ies) of the capital from the life insurance contract. It is possible to modify this clause and designate one or more other beneficiaries at any time.

Single Beneficiary
Clause Template

The Foch Foundation, located at 40 rue Worth, 92150 Suresnes.

Multiple Beneficiaries
Clause Template

The Foch Foundation, located at 40 rue Worth, 92150 Suresnes is entitled to half of the capital and Mr. X living at … is entitled to the other half of the capital.


For more information on life insurance, contact:

Mrs Valentine LAURENT
Phone : +33(0)1 46 25 27 74
Email :

The Foch Foundation, which is recognised as a public service, is fully exempt from transfer tax, whatever kind of life insurance it is.

Questions about life insurance

Is there a minimum amount to purchase life insurance?

NO. There is no minimum amount required to set up a life insurance policy. Whatever the amount, your life insurance is appreciated and valued by the Foch Foundation.

How can I be sure that the Foch Foundation will benefit from my life insurance policy?

Since 2005, the insurer has had to search for and notify the beneficiary of your life insurance. It is therefore essential to clearly specify our Foundation’s name and contact information so as to avoid any confusion.

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