Fondation Foch

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History of the Foch Foundation

The Franco-American Marshal Foch Foundation was created in 1929 under the impetus of Justin Godart, the former Minister of Health, and Bernard Flursheim, the Head of Distribution of American Aid in Europe.

A Foundation born from generous private donors

Since it was created in 1929 under the impetus of the Franco-Americans, the Foch Foundation has always stood by its humanitarian and social morals, ensuring that all patients, regardless of their social class, receive the best, state-of-the-art medical and surgical care; but also the best, most comfortable and welcoming conditions of care. The purpose of the Foundation was to create a hospital that was pioneering in all areas. Thanks to its benefactors, the Foundation is achieving this objective today.

  • 1929 

    Filing of the Foundation’s statutes
    The Foundation is recognised as a public service

  • 1932 

    Start of the Hospital construction

  • 1936-1937 

    Inauguration of the Foch Hospital by the President of the Republic, Albert Lebrun.
    Opening of the Hospital doors with 350 single rooms.
    Opening of a school and nursing home.

  • 1947 

    Construction of a building and 10 rooms offering free care to underprivileged patients thanks to the Princess of Polignac’s legacy

  • 2011 

    Inauguration of a new 25,000m2 maternity and A&E building, supported by the Foundation

Dépôt des statuts de la Fondation
La Fondation est reconnue d’utilité publique

Début de la construction de l’Hôpital

Inauguration de l’Hôpital Foch par le Président de la République Albert Lebrun.
Ouverture des portes de l’Hôpital avec 350 chambres individuelles.
Ouverture d’une école et d’un foyer d’infirmières.

Construction d’un bâtiment et 10 chambres offrant des soins gratuits aux malades dénués de ressources grâce au legs de la Princesse de Polignac

Inauguration d’un nouveau bâtiment de 25 000 m2 pour la maternité et les services d’urgence avec l’appui de la Fondation

Did you know?

The Foch Foundation is named after Marshal Foch. His death prompted Justin Godart and Bernard Flursheim to ask Ms Foch, who was a member of the Ladies’ Committee at the time, for permission to name the Foundation after her husband.

Justin Godart Consuelo Balsan et Consuelo Balsan

The founding fathers

Justin Godart

President of the Foundation until his death in 1956. He was the Minister of Labour and Hygiene from 1924 to 1925, then the Minister of Health in 1932. He dedicated his life to the helping the poor and to improving health services.

Bernard Flursheim

An American citizen who changed the face of the American Red Cross and who redistributed medical stocks in Europe in 1929 that were worth a billion dollars.

Consuelo Balsan

The construction of the Hospital was funded by a fundraising campaign led by Consuelo Balsan and supported by the Ladies’ Committee.