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Pavillon Balsan

Help renovate the Balsan Pavilion, the historical symbol of the Foch Foundation and the town of Suresnes

Balsan Pavilion

The Pavillon Balsan is an amazing building located in the heart of the town of Suresnes. It was built in 1892 by the eldest son of Charles-Frédéric Worth. This reception area, with its high ceiling, reflects an architectural style that was much loved by the high bourgeoisie of the time who delighted in frequenting the Normandy seaside resorts where this style was flourishing. The Balsan Pavilion was named after Consuelo Vanderbilt Balsan in 1926, an American philanthropist who worked tirelessly to build a hospital that was financially accessible to the middle classes. The site of Charles-Frédéric Worth’s former castle, who was the famous fashion designer who dressed the Empress Eugénie, among others, was chosen as the site for constructing the future hospital. The fashion designer’s sons gave up their father’s property on one condition: that the magnificent Anglo-Norman-inspired pavilion be preserved.

The building is now home to the administrative structure of the Foch Hospital, which is one of the largest private hospitals in France. Today it is run down and needs to be renovated in order to preserve its stunning features. An iconic regional cultural centre like Suresnes needs to preserve buildings like the Balsan Pavilion.

We are hoping people will want to put their hands in their pockets to preserve this iconic monument which has fallen into a poor state of repair over time and from bad weather. Helping restore the Balsan Pavilion means paying tribute to the Foch Hospital’s generous sponsors and continuing their mission.

Today, together with the Heritage Foundation, we are launching a call for contributions from the public to help restore this building which is steeped in Suresnes’ iconic history.

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