Fondation Foch


pavillon Balsan

Discovery of the Pavilion Balsan, European Heritage Days

On the 36th year of the European Heritage Days, the Foch Hospital Foundation opened the doors of the Balsan Pavilion. For the first time, we gave unprecedented access to the Pavilion. This iconic place in the heart of the town of Suresnes was built in 1892 by the eldest son of Charles-Frédéric ...
Jean Macé School students

Jean Macé School Charity Run

The pupils of the Jean Macé secondary school came to the Foch Foundation in their free time with some of their teachers, their parents and their head teacher, Ms Diallo. The school organised, on its own initiative, a charity run, as it does every two years. For the first time, the money ...
invitation dîner de gala

The Foch Foundation organises its first gala dinner!

The year 2018 marked a turning point in the history of the Foch Foundation, notably with the launch of its first fundraising campaign. It was a major initiative led by the Foch Hospital doctors and it highlighted 10 incredible, large innovative projects. One year after its launch, the Foch Hospital ...

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