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Jean Macé School students

Jean Macé School Charity Run

Jean Macé secondary school

The pupils of the Jean Macé secondary school came to the Foch Foundation in their free time with some of their teachers, their parents and their head teacher, Ms Diallo.

The school organised, on its own initiative, a charity run, as it does every two years. For the first time, the money raised will be donated to a Foch Hospital project dedicated to patients, reflecting the values upheld by the establishment.

The project that was chosen by the school board (made up of parents, teachers and the head teacher) was Sports Medicine, run by Dr Barizien, Head of the Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Department.

The CEMSOP [Sports Medicine Centre in Western Paris] is currently in need of funding for a specialised teacher who provides health and fitness sessions to the Hospital’s patients. It intervenes within the framework of an association, created under the law of 1901, called “SSL92” Sport Santé Loisir 92 [Health and Fitness 92], which we founded outwith the hospital, in order to be able to pay him when he is not “hospital staff”. This project means that they will be better equipped to offer sports sessions with a teacher that is specialised in the field.

These young people gave us a cheque for the amount they had raised. With 640 students, they managed to find 2,100 sponsors and they raised €19,365! Besides the money raised, what Jean Macé College has achieved is admirable and exemplary.

As a completely voluntary initiative, it teaches young people the importance of strong values, pushing yourself, getting their friends and family on board and getting involved with an important cause.

The fact we are close by, means we can come up with new events based on this project that was chosen by the whole board.

Hats off to them for this great initiative and well done again to these young people for getting involved!